AOL Gold automatic update not working

The automatic update feature in AOL Desktop Gold allows the software to get automatically adapted with new features that have been added. But what if this update feature stops working suddenly. It usually happens when accidentally in AOL Desktop settings, ‘The automatic updates’ have not been selected. You can take a look at some of the easy steps to resolve the AOL Gold Download Install issue:

  • Go to Windows Start icon
  • Type update in the search box and click on ‘Windows Update’ icon
  • Go to change settings
  • Put a checkmark on ‘Recommended updates’ and ‘Allow all users to install updates on this computer’
  • Click on Okay and save the changes.

Computer technology is advancing and improving more and more every single day. Software engineers and programmers continually develop new and better features to give internet users a more enjoyable browsing experience. While on the topic of browser experience, it is worth pointing out that there are very few web browsers that are as good as AOL Desktop Gold. This new browser that is developed by AOL is meant to give AOL users a fast and secure online experience. One of the main reasons why millions of users prefer AOL Desktop Gold is because it has an automatic update feature. After you download and Install AOL Gold Desktop on your computer, the software will automatically complete the required update whenever you connect to the internet. This feature helps save time since users do not have to manually check for updates since they will get the latest version of AOL Gold as soon as they restart the software and connect to the internet. However, sometimes the automatic update feature does not work and AOL Desktop Gold users are left using an outdated version of the browser. This short article includes some helpful tips you can use to fix the update error so that you get the latest version of AOL Desktop gold.

Steps to fix AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

If you find that the AOL Desktop Gold browser crashes more often, or if you notice that the browser suddenly freezes or runs slowly then it is an indicator that you need to update the software. If the automatic update feature is not working you can follow the step given below to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Step 1: Restart your computer and log in as system administrator
  • Step 2: Press the Windows icon on your keyboard and open the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Step 3: Type the word ‘Update’ in the search box and click ‘Enter.’
  • Step 4: Navigate to the ‘Programs’ section and click ‘Windows update.’
  • Step 5: Look for the option to ‘Change Settings’ and click ‘Important updates’
  • Step 7: Tick the checkbox so that Windows can install updates automatically
  • Step 8: You should also tick the box that says “Recommended updates.”
  • Step 9: Review all the changes you made in AOL Gold and click “Save.”
  • Step 10: Restart your device so that the changes can go into effect and then log in to AOL Desktop Gold once again

If you find that the software did not update even after rebooting your computer, it is most likely because there is a deeper technical error on your computer or with the software. If the steps given above do not work then your best bet is to delete the software and then download and Install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows once again. You can call the AOL customer support number and ask for additional technical assistance so that you follow the correct download and installation process.