AOL offers powerful and stunning email services to millions of its users. Through this email sending application, you can send, receive, and manage your messages on AOL accounts. But do you experience things like pages getting frozen or not responding, then might be there is something wrong with your AOL desktop gold. For your information, a web browser’s cache stores temporary instances of web pages that allows them to load faster next time whenever you visit. So, in order to not deal with the freezing issue, it is highly recommended that you clear your browser’s cache before. To run the software smoothly, you will need to reinstall AOL desktop gold, and then you can start using it. And, to clear cache in AOL desktop gold, follow these steps to execute it successfully without confronting any hassle.

Steps to Clear Cache in AOL Desktop Gold:-

Step 1: The very first step which you will need to do is to launch the ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ software on your system.

Step 2: Now, in the second step, you will need to sign in with your ‘Username and Password.’

Step 3: In the third step, click on the ‘Settings Icon’ which will be present in the top-right menu bar.

Step 4: Hit ‘Browse’ present in the left menu bar.

Step 5: Get your cursor on the ‘Security Tab’ option.

Step 6: Click on the ‘Clear Footprints Now’ option.

Step 7: And in the last step, you will need to select the data that you would like to clear and hit the ‘Clear Footprints Now’ option. And you will be sorted!

You just need to follow these steps properly in order to clear cache in your AOL desktop gold software. If you want to grab more information about how AOL works, you can directly get in touch with technical gurus at AOL customer care number, who are accessible round the clock to hear all your queries and will provide you with the best solutions. However, if you have uninstalled the AOL software by mistake, you can search AOL Gold Install on the search engine and get more knowledge online.