AOL Desktop Gold has transformed how people use to access their email or do web browsing. Now, you don’t have to waste your time using a different platform for using both these services, as know you only have to use one platform. If you want to get a hold on this fantastic software, then you need to install AOL Desktop Gold on your system.

However, there are times when users confront issues while using this desktop software, and that can vary from the slowness of the system to AOL desktop Gold freezing or unable to download the software. If you too are finding the problem, where your favourite desktop software is running slow then there can be various reasons for it:

Why is AOL Desktop Gold running slow?

  • Outdated device driver and software installed in your system.
  • The system is filled with lots of temporary files, cache, and cookies data
  • Even various viruses can be responsible for it.

How to resolve slow running AOL Desktop Gold?

No one actually likes to use the system that is running slow, and the same goes for the software that is running sluggishly. If your AOL Desktop Gold is running slow then you may not want to use it; however, you can quickly solve the issue of slowness by following the given mentioned points:

  • You need to update the device driver of your software.
  • You even have to clear the browser’s data that includes cache, cookies, and history too.
  • Use the antivirus installed on your system to scan your computer for any viruses and malware.
  • You can even try to restart your computer first as it may help in wiping the memory of the RAM.

Even after executing all these steps, if the problem of slow running desktop software persists, then you need to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold. However, make sure you are downloading the setup file from the official website, and your system is compatible with the version of the software you are installing in your system.