The AOL Users faces various problem while using this desktop software but one such error that can give them a hard time is an installation error. If you are unable to download and install AOL Gold, then you need to look for the possible causes that are responsible for the occurrence of this error. One can even go through the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps for resolving the error faced during downloading and installation of AOL Desktop Gold.

How to fix the installation error?

One can fix the installation error in AOL Desktop Gold, by executing the steps given below in the correct sequence:

  • You should always download the setup file of desktop software from its official website. Moreover, if you are buying this software from any other website, then make sure it is reliable.
  • Make sure to check the system requirement so that you can begin the process of installation easily.
  • You have to run the full system scan by using the trusted antivirus software to remove any malicious programs.
  • Even check that the system is up-to-date and then restart your system.

Advanced Troubleshooting tips for fixing installation issue

You have to use the advanced tips to fix the installation error in AOL Desktop Gold when simple steps are not working.

  • Install AOL Desktop Gold as a Normal user of the computer.
  • Temporarily disable all the blocking application installed on your system and then restart the computer.
  • Now login to your system as the normal user and then go to the official website of AOL to download the setup file.
  • Now initiate the installation of AOL Desktop Gold software by running it as an administrator.

If the communication software installed on your system doesn’t allow the installation of AOL Gold

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete key together.
  • Now go to the process tab and search for waol.exe file.
  • Select this file and then choose to stop the running process.

Perform Clean Boot

  • Search for msconfig after pressing the start button and then choose the system configuration option.
  • Now go to service tab and then tick the boxes next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Service’ and then disable all services.
  • Open the Task Manager and then go to the Startup tab and disable all items.
  • Then Restart the computer.

For, AOL Gold Download, you need to be sure that you are downloading the setup file from the reliable official source and then install the software easily.