AOL Desktop Gold is a desktop software program developed by AOL. This is a unique program which has all the features of AOL programmed to it and which can also be used to browse, search, watch videos and play games etc. Its all-in-one desktop program provides people with a platform to do all sort of multi-tasking work and also to access their AOL features. It also comes with a premium security feature that gives optimum protection to users when they are online. So it acts as a desktop plus a security software which becomes quite convenient to the customers.

People are often required to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold because of installation issues or compatibility problems with the operating system or because desktop gold ceases to respond or work. For all these types of errors, it is mandatory that the people reinstall the software after uninstalling it because it is one of the basic troubleshooting procedure that is expected to work.


Apart from the many amazing features of AOL Desktop Gold, there are many prevalent issues that plague this software. And some of these issues have been mentioned below:


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General issues with AOL Desktop Gold

  • Issues while downloading and installing it on computers and other devices.
  • The issue of a missing AOL Desktop icon which is experienced by many users.
  • Problems in accessing AOL email on AOL Desktop Gold.
  • The auto –update of AOL Desktop Gold ceases to work.
  • The inability to access certain websites from the desktop software.
  • Issues with AOL Desktop Gold becoming unresponsive.
  • System or device compatibility issues.
  • Complications while trying to resolve certain error codes.
  • Sometimes AOL Desktop Gold refuses to open.
  • Problem while trying to uninstall the software.
  • Difficulty in setting desktop gold as the default browser.
  • Errors while downloading the software on Mac and Windows Operating System.
  • Although it supports the activity of playing games, sometimes the gaming feature does not work.
  • Inability to access the web.

Fundamental requirements of AOL Desktop Gold

Before you can even think to install AOL Desktop Gold, you need to know the basic fundamental requirements of the software. Mentioned below are the system requirements that you need to confirm before download AOL Desktop Gold:

  • You need to have at least 512 MB of available space on your hard drive and a Windows Operating system of 7 and higher.
  • Your RAM should be at least 1GB and you should have an internet explorer greater than 7+.
  • A computer with 266 MHz processor or faster and a screen resolution of 1024×768. Also a strong internet connection is required.

By now it must be known to everyone that there are three ways in which you can download AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Through an AOL Advantage Plan membership.
  • Through an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription and
  • Through the official AOL email confirmation link.

So make sure to download the file according to the plan you have chosen for yourself. If you have an advantage member plan, do not download the link from the trial or confirmation link. It could cause pointless inconvenience to you.

How to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

To uninstall desktop gold from your computer, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the start menu or button on the screen and now search and locate ‘control panel’ in the system.
  • After you have tracked it down, open it and look for the option ‘add or remove a program’ or ‘uninstall a program’.
  • When the window of all the installed applications and programs appear on the screen, search and click on AOL Desktop Gold.
  • You need to click on it and select ‘uninstall’.
  • You can either choose to keep or delete the personal data. Wait until the wizard is done uninstalling and restart the computer.
How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

After uninstalling the software, you need to reinstall it again. To do this, follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the official AOL Desktop Gold website and download the available version of the software.
  • You can either let it get automatically saved on the ‘downloads’ folder or you can browse for one.
  • Now go to the folder containing the file and run it on your computer as Admin.
  • When asked if you want the software to make changes to your system, click on ‘yes’.
  • And to finish the rest of the installation process, just follow the steps which have been displayed on the screen.
  • You might be required to enter the username and password after the installation has been completed so provide your credentials if prompted.

These are the steps required to complete the process of reinstalling AOL Desktop Gold. After its reinstallation, you can continue to enjoy its features and functionality again. However, if you experience certain technical errors, you can get in touch with the 24×7 online customer service of AOL.

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